Original Artwork Paintings by Rebecca Stahr Visual Artist

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Where I've Come
Encaustic Wax Painting, 8x8 in
Wildflower Glory
Encaustic Wax 12x12 in
Pathological Poetry
Encaustic Wax 18x24 in
Soft Patters Like Rain
Encaustic Wax 8x8 in
Sojourn Within
Encaustic Wax 36x36 in
False Vision
Encaustic 12x12 in
Encaustic 36x36 in
The Refiner's Fire
Encaustic 12x12 in
Condition of Humanity
Encaustic Mixed-Media 36x36 in
Chattering Thoughts
Encaustic Mixed-Media 24x24 in
Whispers of the Unspoken
Encaustic 12x12 in
Alone in My Thoughts
Encaustic 6x6 in
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